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About Us

The Little Leaders School (LLS), is the latest addition to the expanding network of TLGS (The Lazar Group of Schools).

Situated in Hamidiya, Ajman, LLS is a specialty unit for pre-school and early years age groups. Designed and developed strictly as and for a British curriculum school, the institution is managed and led by individuals who are “Educators at Heart”. 

The Lazar Group of Schools is a brand-name in Ajman, by virtue of the thousands of families who associate with us through the two other institutions that we manage in the Emirate. The Royal Academy, Ajman is a K- 12 CBSE curriculum school with a student population of more than two and a half thousand; while the Bloomington Academy is a British curriculum school with a rapidly growing student size.  

LLS is structured at every layer as “A signature School for the Alpha Generation”. That is, we are an institution that is purpose – built and custom made for the skills, abilities, aptitudes and dispositions of the present generation of students. The customization is evidenced in the design of the learning process, and the intended learning itself.  

Further, the Lazar Group of Schools is a pioneer in British curriculum schools in Ajman having launched the Bloomington Academy – the first British curriculum school in the emirate, back in 2014.  

Little Leaders School is a safe, happy and stimulating place for the inheritors of this planet to observe, analyse, determine and decide. In other words, it is a home for leaders.

And we welcome your child to take his / her place in this select group of LITTLE LEADERS.  

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