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1.    At LLS, we welcome students of all abilities, nationalities and religions who, in the school’s opinion, will benefit from the academic, personal and social programmes offered by the school. We are proud of our commitment to diversity and international mindedness.

2.    We take our responsibility for your child’s academic, social and personal growth very seriously. In order to serve your child’s individual needs and to support his or her transition to our school, it is important that we have complete information regarding previous academic experience.

3.    The school provides a rigorous international English-language education programme. Although fluency in English is not a criterion for admission, assessments are undertaken in the English language.

4.    Our school actively seeks to nurture the holistic development of your child. Where your child has a gift or talent then this should be identified and recorded on the online application form.

5.    The school is inclusive and has a learning support programme, addressing the individual needs of all students including special needs, gifted and talented and English language learners. Parents or guardians of any applicant having a specific need must submit complete reports with their application. These might include Individualised Education Plans (IEPs), or reports from health professionals. In the case where a child’s specific need has not been previously identified, the school reserves the right to review the situation in order to assess the capacity to address his/her needs within their existing level of provision.

6.    The school adheres to UAE law and Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Education guidelines.

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