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Little Leaders School is a full-fledged, purpose built campus designed exclusively for the developmental needs of preschool and early years students.

The design of the campus is outstanding in terms of its safety provisions and features, and in its aesthetic appeal. Extreme care has been exercised to ensure that the primary responsibility of an institution – health and safety of its pupils – is not compromised in any manner.

The high quality of care that the children receive on campus is worthy of emulation. Appropriately qualified, well-experienced, carefully selected staff are trained and observed periodically, such that standards of care and protection are forever maintained. Teachers are trained in essential health advisories too, so that parents may receive accurate and timely feedback on the child attaining / missing milestones. 

The provision of facilities – tangible and intangible- are contributors toward measuring one key index of a successful institution – the happiness levels in students. Our learning programmes and the supplements used in each of them are designed to invigorate, excite, gladden and cheer the hearts and minds of our young and impressionable minds. 

Above all, the relationships that we forge between pupil – parent - school are unique in their ability to inspire faith, confidence and trust, and endure over the 14 years of school life that the child will potentially spend at the TLGS.  

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